Re: k3dspupgrd


Good afternoon Harley

I have both an older K3 (serial number 670) and a new K3S so I've had the chance to compare both in an Urban environment and a Countryside one. The only mods I've done on the K3 is upgrade of the main DSP board.

In my Urban environment, I honestly did not notice any difference between the RX performance of either radio. I have high electrical noise levels and on 80M that runs at about S8. 

In my Countryside environment then I did notice a significant difference.
The 80M noise level is S2 (as a comparison) and the K3S was significantly better at resolving weak signals (I'm a QRP operator so this is important to me) The K3S also sounded 'cleaner' when listening on headphones.

In both cases I operated CW, SSB and DATA contests.

I know that's a bit of a rough and ready comparison, but my one line summary would be: 
  • Low background noise environment -- upgrade. 
  • High background noise environment, save your money.
73 Bruce G4ABX

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