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Got here late but have not seen any replies to your post. If I have correctly understood your question, then the following will apply.


When using a keyboard (say function keys that are mapped to the N1MM program  as an example to send a group of commands, all the commands go to the radio at 38.4 k and the radio starts processing each command immediately serially until all the commands are finished. This is fine as long there is no command process that will not require that the radio hold up on processing the next command in the serial list.  So say you  initially, have the computer send a  command to activate memory 1 which has a 10 sec audio  message. If that is the last command in the string, you will have no problem. The audio in the memory will play out,. But if your radio has been given a command after the audio command, then depending upon the command, the radio may or may not (but probably will ) terminate the audio message. The radios do not multi-task or create separate threads of processing.


What is needed is a SWT such command that will tell the radio to hold up on processing the next command (sort of like a sleep command) until so many programmed seconds have elapsed.  Alas!  Elecraft has not provided such a command.


I discovered this when I tried to do something similar by switching to different banks on the DVR buttons, but I could not use the toggling command in the same original strings of commands. I had to select a separate F-Key on the keyboard to toggle the banks.


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I want to send memories 1-8 using a keyboard on the P3. Easy enough. Switching memory banks also easy.
When I try to switch to bank 2, send a memory and switch to bank 1, the message stops playing with the second bank switch command.

The macro is SWH37;SWT21;SWH37;

Any ideas? I use mem 1-4 for HF and mem 5-8 for VHF. I could dedicate a key to switch banks but I would really like to switch banks automatically and eliminate bank confusion.

73, Bob K2QPN


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