Re: Corrected QST KSYN3A review article (link)

Eric Swartz - WA6HHQ, Elecraft

It is perfectly OK for Klaus to post his concerns here. Please do not criticize him for doing so.

As it turns out, we responded to Klaus immediately on the 15th and have since had a cordial email exchange with him. From our tracking on this end it appears his package is still in Austrian customs. We are still in contact with him and will make sure he receives his KX2 order :-)

I only occasionally read this list though, so for fastest response to shipping issues, please email sales@... directly, or call us at 831-763-4211  (add +1 in Eu).  For tech support use support@....  

(k3support@..., kx3support@... and support@... all go to the support@... mailbox, which is read by all of our support engineers.)

Please note that due to the overwhelming success of the KX2, we are receiving a huge number of emails and calls each day. On emails we may be delayed a business day in replying. (We also have a large email load on Mondays from the accumulated weekend emails.) Also remember that we are time shifted a day from Eu.

Current KX2 shipping Status:
Ordered through 5/27: Ships 6/17-6/21
Ordered 5/28-29:        Ships 6/21-6/22
Ordered 5/30-6/1:       Ships 6/22-6/23
Ordered 6/2-6/3:        Ships 6/23-24
Ordered 6/4-6/5:        Ships 6/24-27

For the latest KX2 shipping status, the best place to go is our shipping status page at:

Eric   WA6HHQ

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