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I have to agree with you concerning the VFO knob.  I came to the K3s from a ProIII and an Omni VII, and the difference in "feel" is pronounced.  Having said that, I don't regret the move and am very pleased with the rig but would compare the VFO knob to that of a toy when stacked up against the other rigs.  As you say, it's not a showstopper, but it is somewhat disappointing as I think it detracts from the overall excellence of the rig.


Mike, W3QT

On 6/7/2016 11:13 AM, Chuck w9bik@... [Elecraft_K3] wrote:
Thanks you all for the responses.

The problem I was having with the headset is that the speaker would not mute when the headset was plugged in. This was with the CONFIG:SPKRS = 2 and CONFIG::SPKRS+PH = YES.  When I changed to CONFIG:SPKRS+PH = NO, then the speaker shuts off with or without the headset plugged in. In other words, I had to change to CONFIG::SPKRS+PH = YES in order to have any speaker output regardless of whether the headset was plugged in or not.

I finally resolved this issue so that the speaker mutes automatically when the headset is plugged in, That answer was in the "Nifty! Mini-Manual" I purchased and received just yesterday. After setting CONFIG:SPKRS+PH = NO and having no speaker output without the headset plugged in, I read further in the  paragraph describing headphone and speaker configuration. There is a statement in parenthesis there that states "If no audio, tap [1] until you see PH.R SW-, the minus setting is required for the K3s", So, tapping [1] resolved the problem. I'm not sure what that actually does, but it worked.

The problem with the knob is not about knob tension. It spins just fine, maybe even a tad light, but ok. The problem is with (1) the noise it makes rubbing on dry felt and (2) the feel is has when rubbing on dry felt.  I have been a ham for 52 years, and this is the worst I have encountered in those regards. I have never before been able to "hear" a VFO knob as it turns or "feel" the knob rubbing on felt spacers. I was just wondering if anyone else has addressed this issue is some manner. It's not a showstopper by any means, nor is it overly annoying. It's just something I believe could be made a lot better for a rig in this price category.

Filters. Thanks for the inputs. I realize that filter choice and use is most often a personal preference, but it is good to have the opinions of others along with why they believe their filter choice works best for them. I am leaning towards adding the 2.1 KHz and 400 Hz filters, with the biiger question being a choice between the 2.1 KHz and the 1.8 KHz.

Thanks again,

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