Re: [Elecraft_K3] K3s Newbie Questions

Dennis Moore

Question 1: Assign a macro to turn the speaker on/off using the PF1 button. Answered here:

Question 2: Remove the grip ring, use a small Allen wrench to loosen the screw(s) on the VFO knob and pull it away from the face panel. Adjust to your liking. Tighten the allen screw and replace the trim ring.

I'll let someone more experienced tackle the filter questions.

73, Dennis NJ6G

On 6/6/2016 7:21 AM, Chuck w9bik@... [Elecraft_K3] wrote:

Hi all,


I’m a K3s newbie. I am reading the op manual and playing with the radio to gain a better understanding of the settings and controls. So far, so good, but a lot more to go. Made my first phone contacts last night with good reports. I have a few questions:


1. Is there a way to have the speaker automatically mute when the headphones are plugged in without having to go into the menu system to turn the speaker off? Also, is there a way to raise the headphone audio level independent of the speaker audio level?


2. Is there a way to make the VFO A knob quieter and maybe improve its “feel”? I can hear the felt rubbing when I turn the knob, and the "feel" of rubbing against the dry felt is somewhat odd – almost like it needs a drop of oil or something.

3. There are 2.8 Khz and 700 Hz filters installed (yes, 700 Hz). I would additionally like to install the 13 Khz filter for use on 10m FM (I don't do any AM). I am thinking of getting the 2.1 KHz filter for SSB and the 400 Hz filter for CW to help handle crowded band conditions. Do the 2.1 KHz and 400 Hz filters make a great improvement over the 2.8 Khz and 700 Hz filters when the band is crowded? Would they be a waste of money?

I will probably have more questions as time goes on, but for now I am reading, playing, learning, and most of all, enjoying. 




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