Re: KAT500 and Automatic Tracking of K3 (on 160M)


Hmm. Mine works similarly on all bands, except for the segment widths which vary between bands.

The KAT500 follows the transmit VFO, not the receive VFO. If your rig is in Split mode, it will change settings when you tune VFO B, not VFO A.

In the KAT500 configuration (KAT500 Utility, Configuration tab, Edit Configuration, Tune on QSY tab, is the Memory Recall Tune on QSY check box checked for the Mode (Auto/Man) the KAT500 is in?

The memory segments appear to be 8 kHz wide on 160m, and I have trained my KAT500 by manually tuning it at least once in each segment across the band. When I tune my K3 in short bursts, I can hear the KAT500's relays click each time I stop tuning after crossing a segment boundary, except when the settings happen to be the same in two consecutive segments.

Rich VE3KI

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Hello group.  I don't post here often but actively read posts and have been a K-Line owner for several years.   I recently got back on 160 meters and noticed that the automatic tracking of the K3's receive signal (on 160M only) by the KAT500 doesn't seem to be working like it does on other bands.  Going thru band segments on 160M and having the KAT500 "learn" it's settings works fine, however when I tune across the band in receive, the KAT500 doesn't automatically switch to those "learned" settings like it does on other bands.  This is the only band I've noticed this on and wonder if I'm missing a configuration setting someplace?  If I transmit on 160, the relays do switch and SWR is fine, but I have to transmit for this to work, rather than just receive.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/comments.

Tom Kruczek / W1TXT

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