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I'm trying to setup my KX3 to my sound card show I can run NaP3 with it. Does anyone know for sure how to wire the RX IQ cable? I am running tip to tip and ring to ring. I would assume this is correct but I can't find any specific info on it.

The displayed output from NaP3 shows a huge pile of signals on center that don't exist so something is not correct.

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On 5/20/2016 9:16 PM, Mike wm5dx@... [Elecraft_K3] wrote:
Hi Bill. I used PC, paddle and bug with my 746 but don't remember how.
Age y'know. Ordered mono splitter cable today. Mike, WM5DX.

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Some modern (??) rigs only have one Key/Paddle input. It's stereo for
Paddles but the Key only has two connections, Tip and Shield.

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Thanks for the info, Bill. That agrees with something that Elecraft
had said but they did not say that the Navigator was only a single
pole connection within the K3. The stereo connector on the Navigator
had me concerned.

73, de Mike, WM5DX. Gulfport, Mississippi.

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The "key" jack is Mono so there is nothing useful on the Navigator
"Ring" terminal. Plug them in Parallel.

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Is anyone using a K3 with a Navigator and a Vibroplex bug both
connected at the same time? If so how are you connecting them and
what Config menu settings are you using.

The Navigator, using Timewave cable set is connected to the "Key"
jack of the K3 with a stereo plug. The Bug has to input there since
you cannot use the Bug into the "Paddle" jack of the K3, it will
only work with a paddle. Manual says straight key or Bug has to be
plugged into the "Key" jack. Bug has a mono plug.

Mike, WM5DX.

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