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Thanks for the reply.  By "prescribed" I mean the settings specified in the error message that pops up with each start:  "9600 bits, 8 data bits, No Parity, No Handshaking."  As far as the cabling, it's a new KXUSB cable from Elecraft purchased at the same time as the W1 (a few weeks ago). 

Let me be a little more specific and explain in more detail.  Each time I run the software I get the error message about needing to select a valid Com port.  If I just click "OK" the program usually works as one would expect.  If I change any settings I get an error message that the changes couldn't be saved, but the next time I start the program they actually have been saved.  I was going to live with that simply as an annoyance until yesterday when on several start-ups the software was completely non-responsive.  After trying it a several times I got it back, but am concerned that it may become permanent which would, of course, mean I wouldn't be able to change any of W1's settings. 


Mike, W3QT

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Mike it would seem you have all bases covered except ‘as prescribed’ tells me nothing nor does it prove your cabling is correct. How are you connecting. Make sure the baud rate settings are the same speed as well a set to 8n1. If that is all proper then your cabling is suspect.


Fred, AE6QL


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I need some help with my W1.  The unit itself is working properly; however, when I try to use the software (V1.10) I get an error message that the W! was not found, and I should check the COM port settings.  I've updated the driver, set the port settings as prescribed, and set the port # in the program to match the computer.  According to the info in Device Manager the port is working properly.  I'm using a KXUSB cable. 

Anyone have any suggestions or a similar experience?  Any help would be appreciated.

Mike, W3QT

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