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Rob Sherwood

Hi Mike,
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Have you had the opportunity to test the IMD product levels in commercial HF SSB radios used in the Maritime service, such as the ICOM M802, or the Aeronautical service (Rockwell-Collins, Rohde & Schwarz)?

Reply. No I have not, but my IC-781 that runs on 32 volts is somewhat better than my Pro III which runs on 13.8 volts.

I wonder if they have better specs of if this level is acceptable in these channelized services. Since the avionics sets operate form 24-28 volts the levels may be lower.

Do the IMD products fall in any appreciable amount if we run our equipment at a lower power level, such as 50 or 70 watts?

Reply. Depends on the radio. The K3 is cleaner at 35 watts than near full power. On the other hand, the TS-990S with its 50 volt PA is about 6 dB better than most 13.8 volt rigs.  There is almost no difference with this Kenwood at 50, 100 or 200 watts. 

73, Rob, NC0B

By the way, I have been reading your information for years and appreciate the effort.

Mike N2MS

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How true, with few exceptions. A Yaesu in class A, if NO ALC or processing is run is quite clean, the ANAN has pre-distortion that helps a lot, but otherwise it has been down hill from the Collins 32S-3. The FT-450 is 29 dB worse on 9th order than the 32S-3.

Rob, NC0B

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