Re: [Elecraft_K3] Compare the K3 with the IC-7300

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Oh, I see. So you're comparing apples to oranges with your price.

Sherwood's tables are sorted for the 2 Khz dynamic range. If you re-sort to say blocking then the picture changes for various rigs, the very old Icom 765 would be up in ranking then.

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When I made the comment I made "K-Line" referred to a fully decked out K3s with subreceiver and loaded with the good filters, the KAT500, the KPA-500 etc. Actually that is way over $7,000 I suspect. I have the KAT500 and KPA-500 and priced out a full bore K3s w good filters at $6,500 as I recall. That is less than the direct competitor's offering,

I never said it was overpriced. What I said was, I'll add color now, from looking at Rob's most excellent rankings it appears the 6700 and K3s are statistically in a dead heat. I do not believe the 7300 is in the same league as either. However, if I were to listen to one play the violin, I wouldn't be able to tell whether they were using a Stradivarius or something from Walmart. At what point is a radio 'good enough'? On the other forum I asked that question, several times. Not to be provocative but because I couldn't tell. The answer I, essentially, got back was if you don't know, you don't deserve to own one. From what I understand, the IC-7300 comes in 3 flavors, 100w, 50w and 10w? Buy the 50w version and plug it into the KPA-500 and you have a 500w SDR for, likely, under $1,000 (out of pocket), complete with panadapter, knobs, dials, and rocker switches. That it isn't in win, place, or show on Rob's list? I am not sure that matters. How does it compare to the 590sg? I am certain Rob will let us know.


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