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Fred Townsend

Toasters? We don’t need no stinking toasters. The only thing they are good for is erasing DVDs and CDs. Seriously folks I have a long memory. As a consultant I have tracked down many design problems. When these problems originate in the far East it is always the same. When talking to the factory you have to sink up with their time schedule which means some midnight phone calls. Then after you describe the problem two or three times they try and reflect the issue back on me asking why am I trying to destroy their fine product. The fix is usually to design their component out. With most American and European components its usually, “How can we fix this problem.”  

With regard to ICOM I can remember a policy of making the customer pay for their engineering blunders that goes all the way back to their first synthesized FM rig. They have left a bad taste in my mouth. If I liked the 7300 I would still wait for the 7301.

As for Elecraft’s expensive manufacturing I will give you Fred’s Law which states the expense in time and money to fix any flaw is directly proportional to the distance between engineering and manufacturing. I think that distance is about three miles for Elecraft.

Call me a Kool-Aid drinker if you want but I like fast fixes and free software upgrades. I have no interest in even looking at a 7300.


Fred, AE6QL


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I think you will see ICOM phase out the 7200, 7600, 7700 and 7851 over the next couple of years and replace all of the radios with SDR and hybrid SDR radios. The end game will be radios that will be more then competitive with the K3 and L-line. I really don't think ICOM is concerned about Elecraft at this time... They want to go after the new "pretty" faces of Yaesu more then the others. They want to take out the FT-991, FTdx1200, FTdx300, FTdx 5000 and maybe even the FTDX9000. They also want the Flex 6xxx market. I really don't think Elecraft or even Kenwood is a threat to their markets and long term goals... That said at one time ICOM was the first choice for DXpeditions with the 756 and later the pro's, but Elecraft took that away and the IC-7000 was suppose to get it back and they blew it big time by making a toaster....


Can a SDR based radio beat out the specs against a K3 at this time?  I would say yes.... Can it do it in the same price range?  Maybe.  The biggest threat, IMHO, to Elecraft is Elecraft when it comes to price verses features... Elecraft is US made in one the THE most expensive part of the country, thus the overhead of CA taxes and fees will never go lower just higher. The other thing, which is a good thing, is Elecraft does not design to be low cost. They design in whatever parts they feel will do the job for many years to come and base the final cost on whatever it takes. ICOM and other are higher volume and lower over head, so you will see a lot of features in future boxes with lower pricing...


I have a K3 K- Line.. I have a KX3 KX-line. I still have my IC-75PROII and now a FT-991... The K3 and L-Line is my pride and joy. I can not see parting with it. I however see a rough road a head for Elecraft and I see it happening very soon because of the 7300. I really hope a K4 has been thought about and has been in the works in the back room.  I hope it will be in a form factor that is like we are seeing, not only with the 7300, but other radios that are in the radar in the EU I have seem the past couple years. They are out there. A QRP version is in the next QST magazine.. They may not be as good as Elecraft, but people won't care since they will still be beyond the radios they have now and price will be the new driving force.


That is my take...Some will agree and most won't. Not everyone can afford a K3S with the newer higher price.  I know I can't.  We are at a time when price will matter more then anything else, because most of the latest low end radio are better then the high end radios of even 5 yrs ago.  I am still rooting for Elecraft and always will. Wayne and Eric and the whole staff is awesome...


73 Harry  K7ZOV


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At the price break? You mean for the rig and all the options for it? Devil's advocate here. On the K3 - everything is extra - tuner, filters, SWL coverage, etc. Not complaining, luv my K-Line and have no interest in replacing it. But, it is of interest what the Icom 7300 does - as everything is installed and a display for $1500 or less.

Will it be more than an entry level radio? Maybe, if you are not a price snob.

Bill W2BLC K-Line


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