Re: Compare the K3 with the IC-7300

Tom Fitzgerald <kd0bcf@...>

Dale, I sure hope you're right about that price decrease on the IC-7300! That would be awesome and a refreshing change from the usual, "price increase notification" we all get from time to time from Elecraft and other companies...wouldn't it?

"Another point, who says Elecraft products are "overpriced"? How does one make that judgement anyway?"

Well, I say so, that's who! You're right about "one" needing to make that judgement for themselves though. I can afford any radio currently in production but I learned early on that a fool and his money are soon parted. That said, I think that most of the radios in production now (along with many other products on the market) are WAY overpriced. The way I make that judgement is very simple really. Most working class Americans haven't had a genuine pay raise in decades when you factor in the ever increasing & outpacing cost of living. When your income doesn't go up to keep up while everything else from cars to homes to food to health insurance to meds to fuel to whatever (ham radios) continues to go up and up and up toward the stratosphere and beyond to infinity...guess what? Look around you next time you're at a hamfest. The percentage of operators involved in the hobby that have unlimited disposable income to spend (and are WILLING to do so) is quite small, certainly not enough to support the entire industry, particularly with all the usual suspects pumping out these $3,000, 4,5,6,7,8,9 & $10,000 or more radios! No way no how! Sorry Charlie (Dale), "it's the economy stupid" as someone once said. ICOM probably wants to be the last company standing. They'll be just that too IMO unless these other companies follow suit and make more affordable products that still perform well. 

What/who exactly is on the air these days that justifies spending $3K or more to listen to and or talk to anyway???? Is hearing Goober talking to BillyJoeBobbySue about his latest gun purchase and the 327,568 rounds of ammo he has hidden around his property for when the zombie apocalypse begins worth spending $3K on? Really? Ah, must be the various extremist nets that dot the bands? No? Do you need to spend that sort of cash to say hi to your ham friends on the weekly or nightly net and let them know what you did today? Maybe you need to spend it for that 3.5 second contest contact? To send a CW or digital transmission? Nah...I think it's mostly ego and bragging rights. Just my opinion though and you know what "they" say about opinions. Thank you ICOM. 



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