Re: [Elecraft_K3] K3s S Meter Accuracy

Rob Sherwood

All the Icom radios are about 2 to 3 dB / S unit. Above S9 the reading is model dependent. The 706MkIIG goes up 20 dB per 10 dB increase above S9. The 7851 very good above S9, but about 2.8 dB/S unit below S9. The 7300 is very similar to the 7851.

I had one K3 here that when adjusted via the menu was stunning accurate, even in absolute mode where neither the attenuator or the preamp screws up the S meter accuracy. On the other hand a K3 owned by K2MLB could never be adjusted to track even close to right. It was sent back to Elecraft, they didn't fix it, and I think the radio was sold.


On Apr 10, 2016, at 12:38 PM, "dalej [Elecraft_K3]" <> wrote:

You will have to do the s-meter calibration again. Follow the manual. The K3 Smeter is better than any other radio I've owned including the 7800.

Dale, K9VUJ

On 10, Apr 2016, at 9:52, [Elecraft_K3] <> wrote:

Hi to all. I am new to the Group and just got my K3s/10 up and running. Very impressive radio!

One of the first things I noticed with the radio was how high the S meter readings were, especially on 40M. Numerous signals reached up to S9+40, and some pegged the scale. I did a CAL and noticed no change. I checked it out with my HP 8640B and found that the meter reading is very accurate from S3 up to about S9+15. Then the meter reading goes up 20 dB over the next 5 dB of signal increase. That 15 dB high reading remains up to S9+25 (meter reads S9+40) and I presume to the end of the scale. Is this normal or did I mess up the CAL or ?


Bill N0CU




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