Re: [Elecraft_K3] JT-35 Procedure for K3

Jim - N4ST

I have used the audio drive level to adjust transmit power in digital modes for many years, but found that for the K3S, doing it the way Elecraft recommends gives me a more stable output with no fiddling around with audio drive levels. I do use macros to select a mode, which does set the power level, bandwidth, center frequency, etc.

Jim - N4ST

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Subject: Re: [Elecraft_K3] JT-35 Procedure for K3

The problem is that the power level is remembered "per band" but not
"per mode". So if you set the transmit power to (say) 20 W on 20
meters, it will be that for CW and phone as well as for digital modes.
Leaving the power at 100W and reducing the audio to obtain lower power
for digi modes seems to work fine, at least for me. FIFW, I use Fldigi
which allows easy drive control from within the program.

George, W3HBM
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On 3/30/2016 9:06 AM, Edward McCann [Elecraft_K3]
Will this procedure work for older k3?

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