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Rob Sherwood

Speaking of noise reduction, and in this case line noise, I just finished the CQWW 160 meter CW contest. 95% of the time I was using an Apache ANAN-200D, with some new software written by Warren, NR0V. It has an additional noise blanking algorithm that only blanks noise within the DSP bandwidth. Most classic blankers, be they hardware or software, look at a wide spectrum of noise. Once a band starts to fill up with signals, most blankers quit working. This other blanker labeled SNB, doesn't quit blanking line noise when other stronger signals are present. It was simply amazing during the daylight hours when my intermittent line noise is present.

On 160 with my legacy IC-781 with the 10 dB attenuator enabled, my line noise is S8, but blanks down to S2 with the blanker ON. Of course once a strong signal within the 15-kHz roofing filter is present, the Icom blanker quits. Same problem with the ANAN standard blanker. With the SNB blanker, in this case in a 250-Hz DSP bandwidth, the line noise virtually goes away, the CW signal isn't distorted, and other signals on the band don't affect the blanking. Simply amazing.

I believe Flex has something like this either in production or on the horizon. Will look forward to evaluating that in the near future.


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I use a Samlex supply with my K3 and I do not hear anything from the supply.
You might have a bad supply. Put a scope on the DC lead. Also if you have another supply to try.

Dale, k9vuj

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I ran across an in teresting situation with my K3 and a SAMLEX 2)A swicth mode power supply.
The ham shack is in the basement, so the antenna will not pick up any 22khz harmonic grunge from the PA.
The K3 rcvr did pick it up as the power leads to the PA and ckt breaker run very close to the LPF.
This allows the RF from the DC power leads to get into the rcvr .
I spent ( wasted) some time looking at all my computer and hime enetrtinment devices for the noise problem.
The K3 could use some shielded cables near the LPF or even do with some ferrites to keep the RF off the power leads.
Yes , the SAMLEX PS shoule be cleaned up too!
The K3 is the only radio I have that alowed the SAMLEX noise to bother the rcvr.
A panel separating the LPF from teh ckt bkr might work as well.

73 pete ve3hoh/w3

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Have looked at the receiving loops by the following companies:

Wellbrook Communications
Wellbrook Communications Antenna Shop. Loop antennas for outstanding directional radio listening and reception monitoring of medium wave, long wave, short wave and HF DX.

I have just purchased a Wellbrook ALA-1530LNP to help reduce the noise at my QTH on 160m & 80m. I can't vouch how good it will work as it will be a springtime project.

Just a thought.

73 De Mike




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