Dang - my K3s went dark :-(


Put it together 11/2015 and have had it running pretty much 7x24 to 'burn' it in.  Came into my radio room this morning and found a dead K3s .  Here's what I just sent Elecraft support:

I'm going to go into K3s withdrawal!  Put the K3s/100 together I think 11/2015 and have been leaving it on 24 hours a day to cook it in.  Came into the radio room this morning and the K3s was dark, no light, no display, zip, nada.  I was hoping against hope the Samlex power supply croaked but that was not the situation, good 14V going in to the rig.  Continuity check of the 20 amp breaker was good.

I checked the resistance of the 12V in on the main board on the trace side and I have a direct short but I have no idea if that is normal or not.  I checked voltage regulators U12 and U13 for resistance as shown in the assembly manual and we're okay.  I applied power to the rig and there is zero voltage at any of the regulator leads.

I wonder if something did go shorted and caused the power supply to crowbar.

Now I have to fire up my TS-590 (things could be worse I suppose...)

73 de John WB5THT

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