Re: [Elecraft_K3] External 10MHz reference option.

Rudolf Schaffer

Thank you David for your quick answer !
(No luck, i've the plastic grommet in a corner...)

73 QRO,
Rudi, hb9ari

Le 29.01.2016 09:52, David Pratt david@... [Elecraft_K3] a écrit :

If your K3 has the 10MHz option fitted, it will have a connector REF IN on the back of the transceiver. If the option is not fitted, there will be a  plastic grommet there.

73 de David G4DMP

David Pratt on his Nexus 7 tablet.

On 29 Jan 2016 08:09, "Rudolf Schaffer rudolf.schaffer@... [Elecraft_K3]" wrote:
> Hello,
> A very "dumb" question:
> How can i know if my K3 (#1212) is equipped or not with the external
> 10MHz reference option ?
> I don't remember me (K3 ~8 yo and i, 73...)

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