Re: K3 Remote No SSB output Power

Frank Davis


Many tnx for your two replies.   Your note got me to thinking about settings again in both RR boxes.

I discovered that CODEC INPUT ATTENTUATION parameter was set to YES in the Remote box.  How it got set to YES is unknown to me.  This didn't look right to me.... I set it to NO  and also set the default values for CODEC OUTPUT and CODEC INPUT GAIN in both boxes.  I adjusted CODEC INPUT GAIN in the CONTROL box to 40.  I now have SSB audio working again using both headsets...the Heil and the CM-500.!   The problem was the CODEN INPUT ATTENTUATION was turned on....I don't know how it got turned on or when.

I feel like a clutzh not having noticed this before.  I guess its an issue of understanding what all these settings are actually for.   It would have been helpful if there was a reference table listing out what the various settings are addressing.

Anyway thanks for your help and interest in replying to my post.  Your thoughs helped me correct the issue.

73 Frank VO1HP

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