Loss of Voice Function

Peter Bruno

I recently upgraded my early K3 SN 0229 with two KSYN3A boards, the upgraded DSP board and  the KXV3B board for the added preamps on 12 to 6 meters.   I downloaded the latest firmware and was ready to go or so I thought.  I found that I had lost all voice modes.  Using my MH2 mic which worked just fine before the upgrade did not function other that keying the PTT.

I contacted K3 service and worked with Gary and finally resolved the problem.  There was no hardware problem.  With the expanded firmware, additional menus had been added which are not in the early users manual.  Configuring the MH2 correctly by adding the steps in the expanded menu restored the voice functions. 

The message here is if your K3 is not function correctly after a hardware or firmware upgrade, make sure that you download the information included with each firmware upgrade or get a updated version of the users manual.

73,  Peter  NC8B

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