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Although I could access the old site, have Instant access here in UK, NEW SERVER is visible!!

Ken.. G0ORH

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Wow - this has been frustrating for us (and all of our Verizon based customers!)

Verizon appears to have fixed the routing problem from their FiOS and DSL customers to sometime last night. The fix slowly migrated through the net and based on customer feedback received here, most Verizon customers were up and able to access by sometime this morning.

It apparently was a problem with misconfiguration by Verizon for their traffic via an internet backbone router ( upstream of the ISP that hosts  Interestingly when accessing the Elecraft website from other ISPs (Comcast etc) it also routed through's backbone and router with no problems. Our ISP has been in contact with, and confirmed it was a Verizon problem. Unfortunately Verizon was very slow to correct the problem, much to our frustration (and our ISPs and's).

New Server:
While the Verizon FiOS saga was transpiring this week, we also began implementing a backup copy of the webpage on a totally different server farm both hosted by a different company and geographically located outside of our immediate area. We copied all of the website and ftp files over to this new server and had it ready to go this morning. It actually turns out to be faster for web access, and also for ftp file downloads of new f/w via our utility programs. As a result, we decided to switch over to the new server for at about 2000 Z today. Its been up and operating since then. Its new iP address may take up to 24 or more to propagate through the internet's network of DNS servers, routers and your browser programs.

Continuing regarding our new server location for the Elecraft web page; both it and the prior server are both active with the same data, so you will still see the same web pages displayed even if you are still pointing to the old iP address for

For those of you who can 'ping', the old server address starts with 63.249.. and the new server address starts with 50.31..

For Windows users, from the command window you can both ping and flush your local DNA cache to forcibly load the new iP mapping for the new server. To flush the cache, type "ipconfig /flushdns"   (without the quotes) and then "ping" to see if the address changes to the new one. This may take more than one try to be successful, depending on you DNS configuration. Also, it may be necessary to close your browser and then restart it to load flush the browser's local web page cache. Its also possible your ISP uses multiple DNS servers that may update at different times..

You can tell if you are seeing the web page from the new server by scrolling down to the bottom of the home page and looking for the "Last Edited" date section, located on the right just above the web page links bordered by bars. If you see "Last Edited:  **NEW SERVER**: .... , you know you are on the new elecraft server. If you don't see this, don't worry, the new address will automatically propagate to your local DNS servers over the next day or so, and you will still be able to access on the old server in the meantime.

One nice impact of this is that we now have a way to immediately switch to the backup copy on a totally different server for should there be a major problem with the main server. We'll keep both servers active for this reason.

Please let me know via -direct- email if you still can not access at all, or if there are any problems with the new web page once your DNS updates and you can get to it.

Whew! Have a great weekend everyone.



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