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Joe Subich, W4TV

Have you opened the KRX3 to confirm that the filters are in the slots
you thought they were? Have you set SSB receive bandwidth to 2.0 KHz
to see if there is a difference there? Have you confirmed that the
2.7 KHz filter in the KRX3 is working properly/installed properly?


... Joe, W4TV

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Hi Mike

I have tried that without success.

The filter settings can you see at

73 Joe OZ0J

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Emne: [Elecraft_K3] Re: K3 no sub receiver on SSB

Hi Joe,

Turn on the SUB RX and make sure it says MAIN for the antenna.

Tune in a CW station on Main RX
Press A-B (#3 button) twice.
You should hear the CW station on the SUB and the strength should be exactly the same as the Main.

Now tune in a SSB station on VFO A
Press A-B twice
You should hear the SSB station on the SUB and it should be exactly the same strength as the Main.

If this does not work then I think something is not correct with your crystal configuration for the SUB RX.

Mike K2MK

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