Win4K3Suite now supports K1EL's WinKey


The latest release of Win4K3Suite version 1.782 now supports K1EL’s WinKey hardware and can be used in the Win4K3Suite’s terminal mode.
The terminal mode in Win4K3 supports the built in decoding of CW, FSK-D and PSK-D of the K3, K3S and KX3.  It also provides software based text to digital and cw transmission.  To do so, comport activity is shared between radio control and the terminal functions.  In some cases there can be latency perceived by some people under contest conditions.  WinKey offers a hardware solution that uses a second serial port and thus eliminates any latency for a smooth high performance solution.
Win4K3 interfaces with just about any 3rd party hardware and software with built in serial port routing to the radio.  It provides a high performance solution that is extremely stable and contest worthy.  All your logging and digital mode programs can still be used with seamless integration.  In addition, Win4K3 has now been tested with HamPod for those with accessibility problems.
You can see it in action here:
There is a full featured 30 day trial as well.
73 Tom

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