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dalej <dj2001x@...>

It comes up blank page with "small file size test" here using Comcast.

I do not have a problem accessing Elecraft web site.

Dale, K9VUJ

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It appears its not a DNS problem, but it is specific to Verizon and how it transfers web page data from our web site.

We've been able to reproduce it through remote access to several of our customer's (who use verizon) PCs. It appears to be related to page size and possible proxy MTU settings at Verizon.

Brandon here at HQ created created a test page. (Its a small blank page.)

This page will help test MTU incompatible settings between network providers.
The file size of the blank page is small enough to pass most MTU settings in one single packet.
We suspect the Verizon FIOS users will be able to load the blank page, but not pages.

We suggest users load the blank page, and then try to load our homepage.
They should send the results to Verizon for further inspection of their internal network.

As far as we can tell, the web server is working just fine. All other ISPs do not appear to have the loading issue.

This appears to be Verizon FIOS and DSL specific as the regular Elecraft web page loads OK through Verizon 4G here.

One other thought, if you are familiar with MTU settings on your router (which usually are set to 1500, you might try settign it to something like 1496. That might kick Verizon back into geat.

We're still digging into it form this end.


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Not likely the cause. It has been established by the folks on the Elecraft reflector that the likely cause is a failure to establish an HTTP connector. Try:

It works, although it's slow. This means hat are no routing problems, which would be the case if DNS info was not up to date. I suspect that the Verizon folks were mislead by the timeout on the 4th hop in tracert, which is a red herring. The tracert succeeds all the way to

AB2TC - Knut

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I spent time yesterday on the phone with a live Verizon person. I let them remotely control my PC, they ran a traceroute and brought on a network person - who said the problem is that Elecraft needs to update/republish their DNS info for that site.

Doesn't make much sense to me, since non-FIOS users don't have the problem, but forwarded info to support@... in case it does make sense to their web/IT folks.

73 John K3TN

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