Re: [Elecraft_K3] K3S 'S' meter Tracking and Calibration?.

Rob Sherwood

S meter cal is certainly a sore point for me.  My TS-990S follows no industry standard.  Most of the K3 units I have used have been quite good, particularly when in absolute mode.  One unit, however, would never cal (owned by K2MLB), and even sending it back to the factory didn't fix it.  Most knobbed radios are lucky to have 3 dB per S unit, with many Icom 2 dB per S unit.  

On the other hand, SDR radios like Perseus, Flex, ANAN and Elad are spot on.  The JA radios have a long way to go in that respect.  It will be interesting to see what happens with the IC-7300. Hopefully it doesn't follow their legacy radio S meter calibration. 


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Hello William.
The K3 S meter is pretty accurate and linear, more so than other rigs I have come across. I presume the same is true of the K3s. See the Calibration Procedures section of the K3s manual on the Elecraft website (page 54). 1 microvolt at the antenna input equals S2 to 3 and 50 microvolts equals S9. You should do the RF gain calibration with the Utility before checking or setting it up. But if yours is factory built Elecraft will no doubt set it up before they ship it to you.
Also, in the menu there is an item that lets you keep the s meter reading constant and independent of whether you have a preamp on or off.
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Subject: [Elecraft_K3] K3S 'S' meter Tracking and Calibration?.

find this very irritating.

So, who can tell us more about the K3S 'S' meter tracking and calibration?.

Is it user configureable?.

73 de William


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