K3s and SoftRock with Loop


I'm very new to the K3 - SoftRock set-up, so any input would be appreciated.  I've appreciated the input you guys have given - very helpful.  Since Clifton Labs is no longer producing the Z10000, I've been thinking about using my amplified receiving loop as the SoftRock antenna instead of connecting to the K3s I.F. Out, thus avoiding any injection back into the K3s.  Is there an obvious downside to this?  The loop is switched out during transmit and is filtered in the shack to prevent RF getting into the rig.  This would eliminate any degradation to the K3s because of SoftRock.  It seems to be working just fine, but I'm wondering if I'm missing something by doing it this way.  Thanks for any comments.

Mike, W3QT

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