Re: [Elecraft_K3] Clifton Z10000

Richard Fjeld <rpfjeld@...>


FWIW, I built my Softrock, but bought my Z10000 ready made. When he asked me about the gain figure, I wasn't prepared to answer, and said I would have to get back to him. He went ahead and built it for zero dB, but included some surface mount resistors if I wanted to change the gain. I never did. It was okay, but I always guessed 6 dB would have been the figure to try.

It was eons ago, and the SDR software may have improved, but I got tired real fast of all the horsing around I had to do. The SoftRock and Z10000 were fine. It was the software that spoiled it for me. The soundcard was another issue. There were only a select few that were good for using as a pan adapter, and most had been discontinued. That may have changed since then.

As for mounting the Z10000, I put mine in the housing with the SoftRock.

My P3 is very much appreciated after that experience. YMMV

Dick, n0ce

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