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Rob Sherwood

I was incorrect.  The output is 5 dB below antenna level.  I had the preamp ON, 20 meters, and that messed up my measurement.  Wayne straightened me out last night and I confirmed it in the lab.  Sorry for the error. 


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I doubt it. The IF output on the earlier versions of the KVX3 were just connectors. The buffer was on the main PCB. I haven't looked at the schematics, but if the transfer gain has changed, then I suspect some circuitry on the main board has changed... either in the buffer, the preamp, preselectors or the 1st mixer, or some combination.

Larry N8LP

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Is that due to the new KXV3B?

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The buffered output of the K3S is really nice, being about 5 dB stronger than the signal at the antenna.  Nice improvement over the K3 level.  I hooked up a Perseus to it recently, and you can get any level of detail you want by adjusting the span or the vertical resolution. 5 dB per division worked the best.  

Rob, NC0B

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A RTL-SDR dongle with free software like HDSDR works great, and it can be done for less than $100 (US), assuming you have the I/O board in the K3. This method is a little "messy" with RTL-SDR dongle, up-converter, cables and PC, but the scope quality is very good.

Presently I am enjoying the much more expensive P3 with SVGA adapter feeding a PC monitor. My primary station "must" have a detailed band scope like Apache Labs or Flex radio and the P3 is every bit as good.

Joe  N9VX

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