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Rob Sherwood

Hi Nate,


I would normally say that we need 3 kHz channel spacing to not bother each other with QSOs.  Also transmit IMD splatter is almost always worse than the dynamic range of most receivers at 3 kHz spacing.  I have never used an FT-920, so I have no idea how well or poorly it works.  My old standby rig is an IC-781 with the stock 10.695 MHz and 455 kHz filters, no FL-44A upgrade and of course no DSP.  My TS-990S was better from the standpoint of filter selectivity on 10 meters during CQ WW SSB last weekend than my 781 on 15 meters.  (I moved chairs to change band !)  Obviously differences in selectivity is significant from one rig to another.  If I had a K3 or K3S, I would also install the 2.1 kHz roofing filter and dial in the DSP as needed.  In my case in the contest with 418 Qs on 10 meters, the Kenwood did very well with a 2.7 kHz roofing filter and DSP set to 2.3 kHz.  Is the K3/K3S a better rig in a worst-case CW pile-up?  Absolutely.   


I am not knocking the K3 in any way, and have used it several times in contests.   It is even better now, and upgradable, which rarely if ever happens with a JA rig.   My only puzzlement with your example is how you can operate a 2-kHz QSO spacing and not have the QRM in passband, let alone the IMD splatter in passband. 





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> It depends on what you are doing and your environment. Rag chewing
> when everyone is S9 or stronger, it hardly matters the performance
> level of the radio.

While many would agree with that statement, Rob, I'll disagree. :-)
Most of the use of my K3 is nets and ragchewing. A waste? Hardly! On
the 160m frequency I spend time on there is often another group 2 kHz
below us. With the 2.1 kHz filter and the excellent K3 DSP, all I need
to do is dial the Hi Cut down to 2.05 kHz and I don't hear a peep out of
them. I certainly could not do that on the FT-920 the K3 replaced even
with a sizable investment of Inrad filters plus the filter switch board
in it. The same operating conditions exist on 75m when our Kansas
section nets are in operation.

The K3 is an excellent general use radio, IMO. Ops do themselves a
disservice when they limit their radio options because they ragchew or
participate in nets. I tend to use the K3's feature set more as a
ragchewer than when I operate a QSO party or contest.

Yes, I am admittedly odd.

73, Nate, N0NB


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