Re: [Elecraft_K3] New overview with K3/K3S, November 2015

Rob Sherwood

Absolutely.  The cleanest transmitter I have ever owned was a Collins 32S-3.  The next cleanest is my TS-990S, followed by my old IC-781.  The worst I measured was my neighbor's IC-7600 and PW1. It was 20 dB worse than his IC-735 driving a Alpha.  He sold the Icom combo the next week !  

There sure were some crappy signals on the air last weekend during CQ WW SSB. By the day, I was stunned how good 10 meters was for the 7th year in a row.  Great fun.

Rob, NC0B

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Indeed it is. And the IMD of the transmitter too, I also find more than interesting to know. To keep our bands clean and comfortable to others. The difference between -43 and -22dB can be noticed by a lot of receiving stations next to our signal. This even gets more significant when we use +10dB or more amplification after the exciter. The choice of my transceiver and linear amplifier importantly depends on this measurement by ARRL.

73, Hans.

Vriendelijke groeten,
Hans Remeeus (PA1HR/OE3JRC)
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It depends on what you are doing and your environment. Rag chewing when everyone is S9 or stronger, it hardly matters the performance level of the radio. If you brought your radio to Field Day, and there are multiple transmitters on the air at the same time, the differences are dramatic.  It all comes down to the difference in signal levels you are having to deal with at the same time, weak desired signals and very strong undesired signals (QRM).  Rob, NC0B

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I am always interested in the charts and numbers for the latest and greatest - but, how much do they really matter in the real world? How does the average ham really benefit?

Bill W2BLC K-Line

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