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He already has a k3, so I guess he's asking for advice on the k3s with the kind of operating he does.

I don't know if a k3s would be that beneficial someone not doing cw. What do others think. He already has not found the need for additional filters in his k3 it seems.

Apparently he's already doing MARS on his k3.

So, for voice and digital will the k3s be "noticeably" ahead of his K3 and why?Again he apparently has not found a need for narrow filters.

Mike R

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On Oct 1, 2015, at 8:00 PM, "dalej dj2001x@... [Elecraft_K3]" <Elecraft_K3@...> wrote:

If one doesn't need the upgraded sync board for MARS then the 7200 would fill the bill. I have both and I am in MARS and use both for MARS, both work well in that application. I also DX and for that I use my K3 (with upgrade sync board).

Dale, k9vuj

On 01, Oct 2015, at 18:55, harry latterman harrylatterman@... [Elecraft_K3] <Elecraft_K3@...> wrote:

I can say from first hand experience from having them in the past, that the IC-7200, IC-7000, IC-7100, IC-756PROII are not even close to being in the same class as the K3. If you are in MARS (I was in the 60's) then contact Elecraft and they will get you firmware that will work. As far as the synth board goes, I got one for the K3. I can notice some improvement during contests, but this is really subjective. I think it is a good investment for the future, but that is me.... Besides have K3 K-Line, I have the KX3, PX3, KXPA-KXAT100 so I am into Elecraft... That said I had a IC-7200 a few years ago and it is a nice radio. I had a IC-7000 and traded it. I currently have a IC-7100 and love the USB feature and detached touch display... But it is not even close in performance to my K3 that sit below it in the operating position. I use it just for digital and when I take my truck and camper out it goes mobile.

ICOM is not a upgrade...

2 cents, back under my rock

73 Harry K7ZOV

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Subject: Re: [Elecraft_K3] Upgrade advice

get the Icom IC-7200.<<<
Getting an Icom is not an " Upgrade "

(((73))) Milverton.

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Subject: Re: [Elecraft_K3] Upgrade advice

If you're going to do just MARS work, get the Icom IC-7200.

Dale, k9vuj

On 01, Oct 2015, at 14:55, 'David F. Reed' w5sv.dave@... [Elecraft_K3] <Elecraft_K3@...> wrote:

For MARS work, I would not bother with the syn. board upgrades; I would if you chase DX; same with the second RX. I found the 2.1 KHz 8 pole filter to be very nice though, especially here in TX where we sometimes get co-channel interference from PEMEX sites.

Good luck in your pursuit!

73 de Dave, W5SV

On Thu, Oct 1, 2015 at 2:44 PM, k8ami.goblue@... [Elecraft_K3]<Elecraft_K3@...> wrote:

I'm looking for advice concerning my K3. I have just the primary receiver, 100W and 2.7 stock filter. I run MARS voice and digital, and voice and digital on the Ham bands. Very little CW at this time of my life (65). I'm looking at the K3s upgrade just announced, addition of an additional filter or if you have other suggestions I'm open to your suggestions. Thanks in advance.





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