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I have mine going though a hub with no issue. HRD logbook has worked FB, As well as the last free HRD and DM-780. Since I don't do contests and my CW stinks N1MM and a winkeyer is not in my mix. I did switch over to Log4OM a couple of years ago and really like it also. My setup can be seen on I am using a Gateway quad-core laptop. I went to extended desktop using Win 8.1. I might load Win 10 later today...

I don't see any problem with your idea.

73 Harry  K7ZOV

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Sent: Tuesday, August 25, 2015 2:52 PM
Subject: [Elecraft_K3] K3 Line with Win4K3 Suite

I am installing my K3 line in a protective enclosure inside the storage bay of our motor home and desire to remote the K3 line via my desktop inside the motor home. I have selected WIN4K3 as the interfacing software, and will utilize WinKeyer USB and HRD Logbook (and N1MM+). 

Any issues come to mind from the collective masses?

As each of the K3 components (except the P3) will require a serial to USB converter, can these be connected to a hub so I have only one USB cable to connect to the desktop? Is there a maximum USB cable length (electrical) limitation to consider?

Dennis, K7FL
Battle Ground, WA

PS: I wasn't able to locate a discussion group for WIN4K3. If one exists, let me know and I will move the conversation there. 

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