Windows 10 Malware already out


Received this from Redmond Mag. today...


By Chris Paoli



MICROSOFT TO BUY CLOUD SECURITY FIRM ADALLOM FOR $320 MILLION It didn't take long for cybercriminals to take advantage of the Windows 10 release as an avenue to launch a ransomware campaign. 

Late last week the Talos group, Cisco's security research team, uncovered a spam operation that is targeting users looking to upgrade to Windows 10. Fake e-mails disguising as Microsoft are being sent advertising the free upgrade to Windows 10. Once the attached zipped file is downloaded, extracted and executed, a system's files will be encrypted with CTB-Locker, a ransomware variant that operates in a unique fashion. 

"The functionality is standard however, using asymmetric encryption that allows the adversaries to encrypt the user's files without having the decryption key reside on the infected system," read the Talos report. 

Once the files are encrypted, users are presented with a standard ransom m message, demanding payment for the encryption key. And to keep the whole transaction anonymous, payment through Bitcoin and transfer of the encryption keys through TOR occurs. The security group has released a video on exactly how this ransomware looks in an infected system ... 

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