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Rick Bates <HappyMoosePhoto@...>


Connect the SignaLink to the line-in/out. 

Switch to Data A mode.  Change the mic input to Lin in.  Set the levels. 

When you're in SSB, the mic is active.  When in Data the Lin in is active. 

Mind your level controls, don't under/over drive. 

You'll find that you want to use CAT (KY command) for PTT as the SLUSB is not effective. 

Rick wa6nhc

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I connect the Signal link to the Line In and Line out and the PTT IN
on the back of the K3.  Set the K3 mode to "SSB".   Tap the Menu button and turn the B knob(Subreceiver tuning knob) to "MIC SEL".  Turn the A knob (main tuning knob) to "Line In".   Hit Menu again and you are off and running.
Bob K7TM

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I have a K3 and signal link. and want connected to   the K3 "IN-LINE_OUT"

Signal Link unit works.

I can get it to work if I connect the Signal Link line in to the K3 " MIC" connector .

But how do I set up Menu "MIC SEL" and MIC+LIN" so it works on the data modes when connected to   the K3 "IN-LINE_OUT"

The PTT works but the audio is not getting to the K3, if I connect the K3.

Any suggestion greatly appreciated.



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