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Dean LaClair

Hi Michael

Does the youg fellow have a call?

Have you given any thought to constructing a club station where these young guys/ gals can go and get on the air, getting there feet wet,  until they can raise the funds to get their own station. Also lets them see if they like it.
The key I cut teeth on was a plastic $1.99 RS straight key. I quickly upgraded to the $5.99 brass model.
Our local HS radio club was entirely funded by student fundraising events (work details) and we learned alot about radio and life.
You didnt mention if these young people were handicapped, or some other reason they cant earn their first rig like the majority of the rest of us did. It gives you a warm feeling to work all summer for your first station....
I GUARANTEE theres some older neighborhood folks that could use help cutting there grass or other household chores teens can do so easily.
Will give him something to talk about when having his first cw qso, with HIS rig HE earned...  .

Just my two cents. The hobby has taken a huge turn, making it easier and easier to get privelages that had to be worked HARD for in days gone by. Hurdles arent a bad thing.

Bag under my Tarp...
Btw: I stll have that $5.99 brass racer
72 and Good luck

Dean K2WW ...

On Jul 22, 2015 6:18 PM, "w6sfm@... [Elecraft_K3]" <Elecraft_K3@...> wrote:

Hello group, Many of you are already aware of the Halfway House for keys Program. We are a group that provides low cost to FREE straight keys for Young, newly licensed Amateurs who don't have the resources or support to purchase one of their own.  At this time we are working with a young man of 17 who is in need of a QRP rig of some sort.  Our group is ready to provide this person with a key, however we do have some regulations that dictate that the recipient must also have some type of working radio and antenna to get on the air.

We would like to ask if anyone in this group, or others you know may have a working QRP transceiver that they can donate to the Halfway house for keys program so we can get this young man started on his way with CW.  This not only benefits the user, but also benefits all Amateur Radio operators by keeping the CW bands alive.  It is very important that we support our youth, as they will be the next generation keeping the bands alive with not only CW but other modes as well.

If you can help us help him (and others like him) please contact me off the group so we can arrange something together.  Thank you for all your support and help with this matter.  73,



n6mql at w6sfm dot com  (email spelled out to keep spam to a minimum)

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