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Thank you for sharing..  Even more glad now, that I did the upgrade. 

73 Harry  K7ZOV

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I had what I believe to be a unique opportunity to test the new
synthesizer in a high signal level environment, under some controlled

K7OLN lives about 750 feet from me, and we both have static antenna
setups, and because he is running WSPR K7OLN also has static power
levels for these tests.

The three test states are as follows:

1. The first P3 capture is K7OLN's K3, using the old synthesizer, as
received on my K3 using an old synthesizer.

2. The second P3 capture is of K7OLN, using the same equipment on both
ends, save the new synthesizer on my rig only, and received on my K3.

3. The third P3 capture is after K7OLN upgraded his K3 to the new
synthesizer, with both radios using the new synthesizer.

I have a personal Wiki, and have published the data there at:

Not scientific, but close... As can be seen the new synthesizers make a
BIG difference. Bigger than I would have thought! THANK YOU

K7OLN's purchase of a K3, (I want my Hat Elecraft!), made it such that
both he and I can operate on the same band, in the same segment, as
close as 10 to 15 KHz away from each other and not even know the other
station is there, save the HUGE spike in the P3, (which is supposed to
be there), all while at KW power levels for both of us.

Thanks and 73's,
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