FS - KX3 + Accessories

andrew vavra

Hello to all on the group.

I have decided to sell my KX3 s/n 1033.  I simply do not use it enough to justify keeping it on the shelf. 

I am asking $1200 for the radio, or $1,500 for the radio + carry case + antenna & accessories at the bottom of this page.

I am the original owner and assembled the radio myself.  Over the entire time I have owned it I have used this radio maybe 10 hours, tops.

A slide show of all the items listed can be viewed at this link:  http://s993.photobucket.com/user/andyvavra/slideshow/KX3?sort=6

Items included in the KX3 for $1,150 include the following:
  • KX3 transceiver s/n 1033
  • MH3 hand microphone
  • KX3-PCKT Accessory cable set
  • KXFL3 Dual passband filter
  • KXAT3 Internal antenna tuner
  • KXBC3 internal NiMh charger / real time clock.
If purchased new, these items would cost $1,469

Additional items available to purchase as a bundle with the KX3 for $200 additional, or separately as priced below :
  • SuperTenna HFB01 6 mtr - 80 mtr portable antenna --$120
  • Pignology Piglet wireless bridge for iOS / Android use with KX3 -- $60
  • Apple iPad USB connector kit -- $20
  • RS 3 Amp switching power supply -- $35
  • BNC Adapter kit -- $10
  • Harbor Freight custom fitted carry case for KX3 -- $20
  • Tenergy Model 01025 NiMh rapid charger + A&A 4000 mAh battery -- $50

Payment -- Bank draft, money order or personal check;  Paypal not accepted.

Shipping -- I will split the actual cost of shipping for your preferred method 50 / 50.

Please contact me off list at my call sign - KD3RF at ARRL.net

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