Re: [Elecraft_K3] K3/P3 video display on AM vs SSB


Yes, Alan, I understand all of that.

Here is the question.  Why is the sideband power on AM on the same band, 75 M, less than the displayed signal on SSB. 

An example.  Watching the 100 watt signal on 3963 KHz SSB signal on the P3, the envelop of the energy fills the IF KHz window and is smooth in the display, if the audio is flat, to the top of the same RF level as CW. With audio frequency variances allowed.  While on the same settings on a AM signal at 3870 KHz at 1KW carrier the sideband are 20 to 30 dB lower and ragged in display.!!!!!!!!!!!  All P3 settings the same...... 

If my math is correct, 100 w SSB and 1KW AM should have within ~3 dB the same displayed sideband power level?????  Where is my reasoning wrong???

Mel, K6KBE

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