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I forgot, what was the reason the FCC did away with clear channels, was it something to do with fairness, minority stations opportunity etc?

I rarely listen to AM radio anymore, nor FM commercial, the blaring, machine gun delivery commercials drive me up the wall.

AM broadcasting used to be truly a joy to listen to especially when on the road late at night. I remember as a kid in the 50's late at night with a transistor (we used to call the radios transistors) in my ear listening to WLS dj's playing rock and roll. I don't think I could do that today even if I wanted to. WLS was a good 400 miles away.

Yes, the good old days. If there's some way humans can muck up something they will.

Dale, k9vuj

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Here is why listeners cannot hear KOA any more in 38 states. Stations now also on 850 kHz. They are called “drop-ins”.
This additional QRM doesn’t even cover the 30-kHz wide digital signals that may stay on HD at night from stations on 840 and 860 kHz.
In the United States[edit]
· KEYH in Houston, Texas
· KFUO (AM) in Clayton, Missouri
· KHHO in Tacoma, Washington
· KHLO in Hilo, Hawaii
· KICY (AM) in Nome, Alaska
· KJON in Carrollton, Texas
· KOA (AM) in Denver, Colorado
· WABA (AM) in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
· WAIT (AM) in Crystal Lake, Illinois
· WAXB in Ridgefield, Connecticut
· WEEI in Boston, Massachusetts
· WFTL in West Palm Beach, Florida
· WGVS (AM) in Muskegon, Michigan
· WKGE in Johnstown, Pennsylvania
· WKNR in Cleveland, Ohio
· WKVL in Knoxville, Tennessee
· WLRC in Walnut, Mississippi
· WPFD in Fairview, Tennessee
· WPTB in Statesboro, Georgia
· WPTK in Raleigh, North Carolina
· WQRM in Duluth, Minnesota
· WRUF (AM) in Gainesville, Florida
· WTAR in Norfolk, Virginia
· WXJC (AM) in Birmingham, Alabama
· WYLF in Penn Yan, New York
Rob, NC0B

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The demise of the clears is tragic. AM radio is almost unusable at night, and the adjacent-channel digital hash from IBOC / HD AM ruins stations I used to be able to copy in my car during the daytime.

I notice on a 560 kHz in Denver the HD signal comes and goes. When it is in mono, the fidelity on my car radio is worse than years ago. When in HD mode, the highs are piercing, and the volume louder, I suppose to impress me. Impressed I am not.

Rob, NC0B

PS: I worked at 50 KW KOA for 18 years starting in 1969. Back then we had listeners at night in 38 states. Now with all the drop-ins on 850 kHz, it is merely a local station.
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With the "FM filter" the K3 will do 4.2 KHz x 2 - about 8.5 KHz at
RF represents 4.25 KHz maximum audio response (DSB). With the "AM"
filter (6 KHz) you would be limited to ~ 3 KHz x 2 (double sideband).

4.2 KHz is not an issue with modern AM broadcast in the US. Very
few stations do more than 5 KHz audio due to all the noise from
the digital stations (and it's certainly not necessary for all the
talk, religious and sports formats <G>). The noise has gotten bad
enough that I can no longer hear many of the old "clear channel"
stations that used to be beacons (particularly at night) 20 years
or so ago.


... Joe, W4TV

On 2015-06-19 7:33 PM, mikerodgerske5gbc@... [Elecraft_K3] wrote:
Is it 4kc or 4x 2 for AM. Still 8 is prob not very good either. I listen on LSB.

Mike R

Jimmy & Jimmy we will miss you.

Thanks for the music. Rest in peace. Little Jimmy Dickens and
The singing Cajun Jimmy C. Newman.

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So if I get it right you can´t go any further than 4 khz, because that´s the limiting filter bandwidth of the K3´s dsp...even with the AM or FM filter engaged.Well, I think I´ll stick to my old Lowe HF 150 for BC listening, whose rx is unfortunately in a different league, but has good audio!


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