Re: [Elecraft_K3] K3 on the BC bands

David McClain

Not sure what you think the competition is….? 

But I can tell you that it does a very respectable job on all bands, especially with diversity (dual RX) and sync-AM detection. My comparisons are the IC-7700, several Flex radios, and an IC-7600, and Funcube Dongle Pro. Of all these receivers, I find the audio quality most pleasing on the IC-7700. But it can’t do diversity on its own. The K3 is somewhat harsh sounding compared to the IC-7700.

I usually run my shack radios in spatial diversity mode with the IC-7700 listening to the 40m doublet on the roof, and the K3 listening to the Pixel mag loop about 20 meters away from the dipole. K3 to left ear, and IC-7700 to right ear. There is about a 12 ms delay from the IC-7700 to the K3 (IC-7700 leads in time, presumably because of internal K3 DSP processing delays). This delay adds nicely to the diversity effect for me, and the IC-7700 tones down the slight audio harshness presented by the K3 alone.

The K3 really excels at CW. 

But truly, I like all of my radios, and I have a lot of fun switching among them for various listening tasks.

- 73 de Dave, N7AIG

On Jun 11, 2015, at 23:03 PM, Hans-Christoph@... [Elecraft_K3] <Elecraft_K3@...> wrote:

I´d like to know if the K3 can compete with a good world receiver on the BC bands. I´m asking this before placing my order for the general coverage modul. 
What about the audio and medium wave? 

73 de Dave, N7AIG

David McClain

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