Re: [Elecraft_K3] Fun times at Dayton this weekend!

Bill Blomgren

The Hara is about the same as last year.. VERY wet floors in the bathrooms.. part of which is a case of "bad aim" - and the rest humidity finding nice tile surfaces to condense on. but with it running out of the door way, I suspect more splash and less drop....

Sharp elbows are required.  People (some on a scooter) will stop without warning to drool in the middle of an isle, even while others are trying to get through that section.  Outside?  They stand there until soaked... (Yep, heavy rain occasionally.)

LOTS of keys on display everywhere.. almost enough to get me to learn code...
KK4QDZ - Now with Extra Class Priv's, and a tiny KX3 to enjoy them!

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Yes, when I went back for the Hamvention a couple years ago I did notice
that the Hara Arena had gotten noticeably dingier than what I remember
from when I lived in the Dayton area back in the late 70s. But I didn't
find that it detracted from the experience. I don't go there to admire
the decor! :=)

Alan N1AL

On 05/15/2015 06:07 PM, 'Gordon P. Howell, Jr.' geep@...
[Elecraft_K3] wrote:
> Takes a sharp set of elbows and an uncaring attitude to make it through
> the crowds. The farthest bathrooms generally aren’t too bad, but then
> it’s been ten years since my last appearance. And I think they are
> contracted with Hara for the next several years.
>> On May 15, 2015, at 8:46 PM, sbloom@...
>> [Elecraft_K3]
>> > wrote:
>> This year is the first time for me. It's been great meeting some of
>> the guys I've worked (especially the Contesters and the folks from
>> CWOps), Contest U rocked ..and it is worth the flight just to
>> hear W3LPL chat ...but they weren't kidding about just how bad Hara
>> Arena is. It's best days were forty plus years ago ..and I suspect
>> they weren't so great then! Foul bathrooms ...a lot of areas were
>> crowded and hot and ummmmm ..some hams do NOT have the best hygiene.
>> Didn't see much of real interest in the flea market ...but I'm not
>> really a boatanchor kinda guy. Elecraft booth was very busy a
>> chance to look at the K3S ... on a purely visual level looks a
>> bit .cleaner/tighter ...but not a huge difference. I'm also
>> interested in a SteppIR ..found their rep to be more ..salesman-ish
>> than technical ..but to be fair ..I was just generally irritated by
>> the mass of humanity, so it could have been me. I did order the
>> Expert Amps 1.3K that thing is light. Tried to attend the
>> Antenna forum, but it was SRO and I was just out of patience.
>> Hamvention seems like a great place to see the latest and greatest
>> .DXEngineering has all sorts of stuff I'd like to check out .. but
>> it's hard to get much time to play with anything and to be honest
>> needs are specific enough, that I want to take time and care with what
>> I buy ..and the enrionment isn't conducive to that. I bought my first
>> K3 at SeaPac a couple of years ago .I don't think I would have taken
>> that step here.The hotel I'm at (The Crowne Plaza) is the host for the
>> contesting events's not going to be competing with a Ritz
>> Carlton anytime real soon.
>> 73
>> Steve KL7SB
>> p.s. An elderly gent with a walker took a fall took us 3 or 4
>> attempts to get him help ..and 12 minutes for paramedics to get
>> there. I think he will be ok ...though they did take him out on a
>> stretcher ..but ..if that was a cardiac or cerebral event ..that would
>> ...not have been good.
>> On Fri, 15 May 2015 16:51:29 -0700, "Jim Lowmanjmlowman@...
>> [Elecraft_K3]"
>> > wrote:
>> I have to agree with your friend, Bob, based on our one-and-only
>> experience with Dayton in 2013.
>> At that time I had been licensed, General-class or higher, for
>> almost 50
>> years.
>> I will add that there were a lot of guys riding those electric carts.
>> At first I found them to be an annoyance, but later used them to my
>> advantage.
>> I would follow one from place to place, allowing the driver to
>> part the
>> way for me.
>> The XYL's report on the restrooms: One woman who was leaving a stall
>> told her, "This one actually flushes."
>> Oddly, the mens' room over by the room where the Drake
>> presentation was
>> held, was kept fairly clean, considering the amount of traffic.
>> The one that the XYL had used was in the main, dingy,
>> dimly-lighted arena.
>> We vowed never to return until DARA finds a better facility.
>> 73 de Jim - AD6CW
>> On 5/14/2015 9:58 PM, Bobrobertlarson@...
>> [Elecraft_K3] wrote:
>> > Your friend is almost 100% correct. He misses the mark on "low
>> end truck stop
>> > food". It would require considerable improvement to reach that
>> status.
>> >
>> > 73,
>> > Bob
>> > K2TK
>> >
>> >
>> > On 5/14/2015 2:00 PM, Tom Fitzgeraldkd0bcf@...
>> [Elecraft_K3] wrote:
>> >> I couldn't resist posting this commentary from a ham friend who
>> is more than
>> >> familiar with the Dayton event...anyone share this analysis????
>> Let the
>> >> stoning begin! :)
>> >>
>> >> "Dayton is a crowded madhouse too. The arena in which it is
>> held is ugly and
>> >> run down. Ya hafta inch your way though the dense crowds ta get
>> from one end
>> >> of the giant facility to the other. There are often very long
>> lines for filthy
>> >> bathrooms and the food sucks. Overcooked hamburgers and hot
>> dogs, single
>> >> slices of pizza, low end truck stop food. The whole experience
>> is taxing. All
>> >> just to look at Icom's or Yaesu's latest $20,000 radio. The
>> flea market area
>> >> needs to be visited on Friday morning
>> for good
>> >> old stuff. By Saturday there's only junk and lots of it."
>> >>
>> >> You just can't make this stuff up! I believe him!
>> >>
>> >>

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