Re: [Elecraft_K3] Re: Fun times at Dayton this weekend!

Bill Blomgren

Run down is an understatement on the facilities.. (It is in competition with municipally owned convention centers and assorted other facilities in the area.. It started life as a ice rink for a pro team.... That's the first building I stumbled into...

From there, things went sideways.. You go through THAT building (where typically ICOM is to your left.. then HRO.. The convention folk to the right.. straight ahead is Kenwood and MFJ.. and an assortment of other folk.. then off to the other areas...

audio isle.. the north building where Elecraft and a few others are found..

The best of the food was outdoors... hotdogs (not grossly overcooked) - and burgers (hockey puck).   There are a LOT of non-profits that do food at the get-together to survive for the rest of the year.  (Boy scouts doing badge lanyards being the non-food fund raiser.. if they do 20,000 lanyards at 4 each, that's probably survival $ for camp!)

Since it is privately owned, you don't have the same problems you do with RARS fest down in Raleigh.. or the Charlotte hamfest... that being union operatives handling all the food operations.  (A $10 burger that is no better than the ones at Dayton for half that being an example...)
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