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Next week we'll add this info to the FAQ. Short answer: yes, you could move your KAT3 and KRX3 to a K3S. 


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Nice looking radio.

I have a fully loaded K3, except for the new synthesizers and 2 meters. Everything else that Elecraft offers for the K3. I would estimate I have spent about twice as much on the additional options as I did on the base K3.  What the FAQ does not address is: if I bought a base K3S, how many of my existing options could I move? For example, I assume I could use my existing K3 antenna tuner module in a K3S for awhile if I was willing to forgo the enhancement the new one provides. Could I add the new synthesizer to my 2nd receiver and move it to the K3S, and would that be equivalent to the K3S second receiver? Etc.

It would be very useful to have a chart that lists all the K3/K3S options, old and new, with columns indicating whether they are compatible with the K3 and with the K3S, with appropriate footnotes indicating any restrictions and what compromises would result. This would be a big help in deciding whether to upgrade an existing K3 with all the new modules, or begin to migrate to the K3S

73 de N7XSQ


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