Re: [Elecraft_K3] K3 Main Receiver and KRX3 have gone Deaf

David McClain

Yep... Happened to me, just like you. I blew the RX and had Electaft repair it for me. Now I'm much more cautious about stuff like that. 

73 de Dave, N7AIG

Dr. David McClain
Refined Audiometrics Laboratory, LLC

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I recently have started trying out the diversity mode with an external antenna connected to the RX antenna input. I may have inadvertently transmitted while in rx receiver mode and blown one of the protector diodes and possibly more.I checked my antennas in ant1 and ant 2 , bypassing the external tuner and amp and no joy on receive on either receiver. I tested the antennas on another transceiver and they are working fine The radio tunes and transmits just fine..Has anyone had this happen, where both receivers completely  go blank? Your suggestions will be well received ( no pun intended )

Stuart, de KH7Dx

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