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Received my copy of NCJ yesterday with a NICE write up from one of
the beta testers. Looks like the rig is well worth the wait!!!



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K3 Status Update: August 29, 2007

Note from Eric:
I apologize for not posting earlier. I planned on posting an update
for everyone before I left town for the JA Ham Fair last week, but
out of time. So you can blame this delay in status on me (and the
Marketing dept.) instead of the Engineering dept.

Our revised target for the beginning of K3 shipments is now
17th. The K3 shipping date is now primarily determined by delays
in K3
part deliveries, PC boards and completed assemblies from our
The remaining handful of delayed parts are scheduled to arrive this
week and early next week. There are less than ten different parts
this category, but it only takes one part not arriving (or arriving
with the incorrect value) to delay production. Every time this has
happened our PCB stuffing operation has had to halt working on one
board and move to another while the part problem is resolved. The
final four raw PC boards took 2 weeks longer than expected and they
arrive tomorrow. (There are a total of 16 PC boards in the basic
K3/10.) Also, our sheet metal fabricator has taken several weeks
longer than they projected to supply us with painted and silk-
K3 chassis parts. Final K3 sheet metal is now scheduled to arrive
Aptos on Friday.

Our field testers and engineering team have done an excellent job
the last four weeks thrashing out the K3's design, assembly manual
operational features. (Thanks guys!) Wayne, Lyle and the rest of
engineering team have been working 7 day weeks incorporating the
Tester's suggestions and making sure the K3 meets their
and hopefully yours. We've field tested the first release of the
assembly manual and we are now testing the latest update.

The KNB3 noise blanker was the last core board completed for the
It was released to production last month and is one of the best
performing noise blankers I've used. It includes 8 different NB
levels and has two stages of internal AGC, along with three
widths of blanking. The net result is that I have been able to
almost anything my local power company, electric fences and noisy
autos and can throw at it. And combined with Lyle's latest version
the DSP NB, we have a formidable tool for interference reduction.
hardware and DSP noise blankers can be used simultaneously to
reduce a
wide range of pulse type interference.)

We are receiving assembled K3 boards in Aptos now and are testing
in preparation for their inclusion in K3 kits and assembled units.
far we have received, or will receive this week, initial shipments
a number of the K3 board assemblies, including the front panel,
audio and digital I/O, PLL, crystal filter and transverter I/O

We appreciate your patience as we get the final pieces in place to
ship your K3s. From now until we ship we will post weekly updates
K3 shipping here on the Elecraft list and on our web page. We'll
be posting the pre-release version of the K3 assembly manual on our
web site later this week to give you a feel for what is coming.

Wayne, N6KR

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