Re: K0 digital modes, Tigertronics Signal link


I am surprised no one seems to use their k0 to k3 hookup for digital modes.  It works fine !

I am just trying to determine what I will need cabling wise .if I want to use an outboard Signal Link instead of the computer soundcard.  At this  time Tigertronics does not make a K0 cable - they say they have had no demand for one.

I know the K3 has the Kenwood 8 pin mike connector configuration, and signal link makes a Kenwood cable

The connector to the that caries everything thru the mike connection.  I know the Signal link has some internal pin connections that set up the unit to fit your radio.  I am thinking I will just set it up like my K0 is a Kenwood.  I hope it will work with the K0.

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