K3 Option selection and why

Mel Farrer <farrerfolks@...>

Hi all,

A good friend of mine loaned me his K3 to try out while I wait for mine.
His was a bare bones unit awaiting all of the other options he wanted
installed be the factory. When I ordered mine, I made alist of the
things I wanted. The performance is good and...............

Then lately I have been thinking, Who uses what options and for what
reason? Wow, what a neat idea. Ask the group what they got and why.
Seems to me that that would let a lot of us in the wings have a great
venue of the K3.

What say guys? Let the good times roll and give us your thoughts.
DX, good Hifi, portable in the field, etc. That way I can modify my
order and get the best of the best, and others who need to know will



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