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Art and All,
I’d sell the O2—in fact, that’s what I did after getting my K3.  The K3 clearly has more features and capabilities.  Also, I question whether or not the O2 has better transmit audio.  Maybe it does, but it is certainly marginal in difference if that.  .  If you work with the equalizer on the K3 you should be able to get  very good sounding audio—I get nothing but compliments on mine.  Maybe the suggestion is that the O2 is “cleaner” than the K3, but I doubt it’s that much cleaner.  All 12V radios seem to have some issue there.  I’d be hard pressed to keep a $3K-$4K radio just for that! 
The O2 requires a lot more button pushing for commonly changed features.  So, unless you want something with an absolutely huge footprint on your desk, and contrary to common misconception, no better separation between controls, the O2 is the one that I’d unload.  The bigger display on the O2 is nice to look at, but not really all that more informative.   The bandscope on the O2 was pretty much worthless, but possibly they’ve improved that a bit.  There are a lot of things Ten-Tec could have, and should have, improved on the O2, but they never did!  They created a firmware upgradeable radio, just like the K3, but then they just dropped the ball as to making use of that capability.  A lot of us who were relatively early acquirers of an O2 waited, and waited, and waited, for the promised upgrades and improvements.  A few came out, but most were fraught with glitches, making most folks go backwards as to firmware versions.  Perhaps that is “history”, but I haven’t seen much, or heard much, about big improvements/changes subsequently.  They did finally acquiesce to improving the 2nd RX, but it was an add-on, meaning your original investment for that feature went down the toilet.  To me that just exemplifies how much better the planning was for the K3 than for the O2. 
The K3 is still a current production radio.  The O2 is not.  Elecraft is still adding features to the K3, but I doubt you will see much, if anything, new for the O2.
Dave W7AQK

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Keep the O2. I have all three myself and always get better transmit audio on the O2. The k3 and kx3 have better receivers and rx audio with external speakers. Of course you may not need or want three radios.  ;)

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I just received K3 #8180.  I have been a TenTec person for the last 35 years and last august I bought a KX3 and liked it so well I bought the K3.  Now I have to go and sell that O2.

Regarding the foot switch, I use a LineMaster clipper.  This switch is used in most dispatch centers in NE Illinois and is practically destruction proof and heavy enough to stay in place.


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