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RFI a big problem for lots of headphones…especially the nicer ones.  I have a $170 set of Sony noise-cancelling headphones that go crazy whenever I use high power.  On the other hand, the Bose QuietComfort 15 noise cancelling headphones have no RFI issues.


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I am trying to participate in the NMQP.  People are saying my audio is good but I am getting distortion on al bands in my headphones.  I am running 100W, with two different antennas.  Happens on both.  I do NOT get distortion when in Test TX mode.  I am remote temporary fixed location and do not have a lot of bandwidth or tools with me.  Anyone got any quick things I can try?


I have checked my ALC as per normal.  I am using the same K3, Heil headset, etc that I do at home. 


Please reply direct as I can check my phone easier than the website.


Thanks and 73,





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