K3/100 for Sale

Rob H

Hello,  I'm offering my K3 for sale. I am the proud new owner of a KX3.  The radio contains:

K3/100, K3 100W Xcvr
KBPF3, K3 Gen. Coverage RX Module
KFL3A-6K, K3 6 kHz, 8 pole filter
KFL3B-FM, K3 FM b/w, 8 pole filter
KTCXO3-1, K3 TCXO (1ppm)
KXV3, K3 RX Ant, IF Out & Xvrtr Int f.       
MH2, Hand Mic. for K2/K3

Serial Number 2002.  Most Modifications are already completed.

Asking $2200 and will pay shipping and insurance within the U.S.

Please contact me at:
sp8cadet@..., or 925-984-3672


Rob (K6RFH)

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