Re: [Elecraft_K3] Err Key Message

Cary VE4EA

Thanks very much Bill.  

I think you are (were) onto something.
Now, at least, the ERR KEY message is gone and I can change bands on the radio.
(no more error message)

I did notice that both Mic Gain and Pwr (xmit) have been turned right down (Pwr - under 10w).  It looks like the K3 reset these levels themselves and I can't restore them to QRO levels.  

There is also an issue with the ATU.  It appears to be disabled.  
Tapping or holding down ATU brings up the message NO ATU. 
I get the same message (NO ATU) when trying to change antennas.  ie. the rig is "stuck" on ANT1.  Normally, it would switch automatically to ANT2.  (or I can tap the ANT button)

Is there some place in the manual where this is discussed?
Thanks again,

P.S. I just found ERR KEY in the manual (page 69).  There is a reference to CONFIG:PTT-KEY.  My PTT-KEY is set to OFF - OFF.

---In Elecraft_K3@{{emailDomain}}, <bconk75@...> wrote:

You have a stuck key.  One of a couple  things might cause it. 

VOX on and/or gain too high.
A key or paddle making contact when powering up the radio.

Jeep us posted.

...bill nr4c

On Dec 28, 2013 10:19 PM, <cary@...> wrote:

I was in the midst of contest operating (RAC) and murphy struck.  

I am receiving a message of ERR KEY on the LCD.  I can't seem to find any reference to this message in either the K3 manual or the Fred Kady book.  

Is there some way to clear this error condition?
I'd really like to know what I did to create the error (bad sequence of entries,etc.)

73 and Thanks,
Cary, VE4EA   (aka VE4RAC this weekend)

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